The concept of Mea Nui, "meaningful things" in Maori, serves as a guiding principle inspiring to slow down, fully connect with yourself and the present, focus on what truly enriches your life every day, recognise, value, enjoy and celebrate the richness present in each moment, experience, opportunity, connection and action that brings you joy, love, growth, meaning and inner peace. 

On our mission we create tools to help you live deeper - more mindfully, authentically and intentionally - embracing a journey of continuous joy, growth, gratitude, balance and fulfilment. 

Committed to the highest standards of quality, we use only the finest materials and papers to create products that will accompany you for the longest possible time.

We recognise our responsibility to treat our home, this wonderful Earth, as peacefully and respectfully as possible. Our products are made entirely from eco-friendly and FSC-certified materials, including sustainable paper from renewable resources, and are produced, printed and packaged in Europe.

A note from our Founder

Thank you for being part of this journey - I am deeply grateful. Mea Nui was born from a heartfelt desire to embrace life fully, with authenticity, depth, and meaning. I hope Mea Nui will inspire you to connect deeply with yourself and the world around you, help you focus on the things that enrich your every day and celebrate them fully. Let us together enjoy the unique path we each walk with gratitude and warmth.

- Jana Merk, Founder