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The Pause Reflect Act - Three Year Gratitude Journal

The Pause Reflect Act - Three Year Gratitude Journal

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Transform your life and mind through the power of gratitude with the Pause Reflect Act Journal.

By taking only a few minutes a day to note what you are grateful for, you are training your mind to actively focus on and appreciate the positive aspects of your life. This habit breaks the cycle of negative thought loops, promotes more positivity and has also been scientifically proven to boost joy and happiness, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, wellbeing and health, and strengthen relationships.

Over time, your gratitude journal becomes a tangible record - your treasured keepsake and a gentle reminder of the cherished moments and blessings that fill your life.

Make this 3-year journal a companion on your journey to a more fulfilling and meaningful life and in just a few minutes a day, invest in a happier and healthier you!

How to Use

Start your journey at any time of the year by simply opening the page with the current date. For each of the three years, the journal provides daily inspiration and space for you to reflect more deeply and capture what sparked your joy and gratitude.

Additionally the journal includes 15 science backed pages of insights into how gratitude can improve your life, how simple gratitude is, easy ways to implement and stay consistent with journaling in everyday life and the most effective tips for a deeper daily gratitude practice.


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    Premium cloth hardcover

    Embossed detailing

    135 x 180 mm / 5.3 x 7 in

    396 pages

    100 gsm ivory premium paper

    1 ribbon bookmark


    Introduction to gratitude

    Insights into positive psychology

    3 year duration

    Start/use any time

    366 daily inspiring quotes

    12 monthly inspiring quotes


    Minimalistic and timeless design

    In English Language

    Research and science-based

    FSC® certified materials and paper

    Produced and printed in Europe

    Eco-friendly policy

How Gratitude can impact your life

Even on the busiest days, taking a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for works wonders - it's the easiest way to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. The impacts of gratitude range from mental health, increasing mindfulness and positive emotions, to physical health, improving sleep and reducing stress, to social life and relationships, fostering stronger bonds, empathy and a spirit of giving.

Embracing a grateful identity

While feeling grateful is spontaneous and, like other emotions, not constant, being grateful is a consciously chosen mindset that can be cultivated as a core part of one's identity. In this way, gratitude becomes a foundation for lasting joy, offering resilience in dealing with challenges and the ability to find positivity even in difficult moments.

Pause Reflect Act - the three step process of gratitude

Pausing to come into the present moment, reflecting with deep appreciation on the unique opportunities and unnoticed details, and then acting on these positive feelings. This process creates a feedback loop of joy that transforms gratitude into conscious action and increases awareness and appreciation of the goodness, beauty and meaningful aspects of life.